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How to apply for Copyright and/or Permission from the Alan Paton Will Trust:

Do you need to include work by Alan Paton in an anthology, essay, book, digital resource, musical setting, broadcast, film or other context?

The Alan Paton Will Trust, which is managed by the World Arts Agency, controls and asserts intellectual property rights on behalf of Alan Paton’s works in accordance with the International Copyright Law (Berne Convention 1886; UCC, 1952; Geneva, 1996). This establishes in international law the right of the author to be recognised as the creator of the work, prevents unauthorised changes to the work, and affirms the author’s literary estate the right to receive full acknowledgement and fair reward for use of that work in any context by others.

We have a standard fee for the use of Alan Paton’s works, the copyright of which is held by the Alan Paton Will Trust. We will however take into account the nature of the publication and we may decide to vary the fee. We are also happy to negotiate fees in relation to print runs, critical quotation (often covered by ‘fair usage’), specific territories, charitable purposes, community use, etc.

Permissions Requests:

Please make your requests in a timely fashion. Due to Covid-19 and the impact this has had on both the Alan Paton Will Trust and the World Arts Agency, we appreciate your patience in our longer response times. If you have not had a response within 4 weeks of your request, please resend with URGENT in the subject line.

In order to process your permission request, we will need the following information:

Contact details (address and email)

Your publication
What is the title of your projected publication?
What is the nature of your projected publication (anthology, essay, performance, adaptation, broadcast, etc)?
Who will publish it and in what medium/media?
What is the recommended retail price, ticket price etc?
What territories do you require? (World, UK/Commonwealth, etc)?
How many copies will be produced?
What is the projected date of publication?
What other rights are requested (for different formats, electronic, e-book etc)?
If web publication is requested, what is the URL?
Any relevant additional information

What do you want to quote?
Copyright Information
Author/Translator/Editor of the work you want to use
Work title
Lines of the work to be used
Title from which the work will be taken and  page numbers

Please send your request to the Rights Managers by email:
Warren Jeremy Rourke
Shaun Pieter Clamp
shaun@worldartsagency.co.za (UK)
Please note: If the Alan Paton Will Trust does not control the rights you are seeking, we will do our best to refer you on to the legal copyright holder.

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