DJ Hijacq is an Australian vinyl & traktor artist who has played at a number of renowned events in the Melbourne underground scene. Always maintaining a ‘quality over quantity’ attitude to the sets she plays, DJ Hijacq’s highlights include the much loved, and now infamous, Messy Creations, as well as playing at Pinksilver record label parties and Morebass events. She is also a frequent contributor to Radio Primco.

As an artist, DJ Hijacq is inspired to the creation of themed compilations through what she describes as, “Knitting a patterned fabric by weaving musical compilations that speak to the emotion of personal and collective experience; to create specific feeling and atmosphere through which to then find expression, and to help process life’s events”. For DJ Hijacq, “Music is a wonderful language with which to share and connect. It has the power to elevate an individual experience into a greater shared space”. 

Two years ago I was deep in the desert dancing with shadow spirits & here we are now burrowing down in moody winter with our collective viral shadow spirit 🙂 Bless for electronic music xx
Here’s the new drop for this by DJ Hijacq:
Shadow Spirit mix by Dj Hijacq (

In the summer of 2019–20, Australia experienced a devastating and unprecedented fire season. More than one billion animals were killed and many more displaced from their habitats. Some endangered species were driven to extinction. Many thousands of homes and livelihoods were lost. It was a very real and traumatic experience, which impacted Australians on many levels, as a nation.   

DJ Hijacq has chosen, this time, to share with The World Arts Agency her incredible work of musical art: “Australian Bushfires Tribute”.

See also Radio Primco:

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