ENE-Yatt is a Nigeria-Ghana based Afrobeat band on a mission to influence the globe with their music, provide a voice to the voiceless. The group’s vision is to embody a symbol of hope for the new generation; to enlighten them that their capabilities are limitless. Empower them to follow their dreams. To motivate their cultural consciousness. ENE-Yatt is focused on achieving this goal however it can. 

The crew is not new to the industry. They’ve had their ups and downs. Rough times and bright times. Their collective experience has inspired their stage name—ENE translates to Evil Never Ends and Yatt means You are The Truth.

The artists hail from Nigeria but they make music primarily in Ghana. Their time is split between the two countries… Ghana has played a crucial role in ENE-Yatt’smusical journey. Their development into a widely appreciated band. They plan to build a sustainable reputation there in Ghana. Cut across Nigeria. And thentake on the world. 

The video to their latest song, ‘Compose’, has recently been released.

The Band is in possession of several tracks lined up forrelease. Their present focus is the announcement of the release of their 7 track EP ‘JTG EP’. The EP features several indigenous Ghanaian artists… Videos will follow the launch of the EP. And more projects will be dropped in the process to keep the fire burning. 

The team is in conversation with the management team of Sakordie, there is a possibility that he features in their EP. But the information is that Sakordie is busy with projects of his own. So the options are still being weighed. 

ENE-Yatt has collaborated with a list of Ghanaian artists. They dropped a widely acclaimed Dab song in Ghana (Africa, in general). It made momentous impact. The video can still be found on YouTube. 

The band plans to drop an album after their EP has made its mark on the charts.

In five years, ENE-Yatt aims to see their music incite positive change in the world. To transform lives with their sound. And to inspire love to all the peoples of earth.

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