Jan Dost is a Syrian Kurdish poet, writer and translator. He was born in the city of Kobani (Aleppo district) in 1965, but in 2000, he left Syria due to the lack of freedom to write and publish in Kurdish, and sought exile in Germany. He has written ten novels in Kurdish and Arabic, including Mijabad (in Kurdish) published by Diyarbakir (2004), The Bells of Rome published by Dar Al-Saqi (2017), and A Green Bus Leaves Aleppo published by Al-Mutawassit (2018).  Jan dost has received several literary awards, including the Award for Best Short Novel in Kurdish in Syria (1993), the Award for Poetry in Kurdish, in Germany  (2012), the Creativity Award given by the magazine Damascus in London, (2013), and the Hussein Arif Novel Award in the region of Kurdistan (2014).

He has translated several Kurdish and Persian works into the Arabic language, including Mem and Zin, one of the most famous Kurdish works of art, written by Ahmad Khani, published first by Damaskus in 1995.

Jan dost is a member of Syrian Writers Union. He attended many book fairs in the Arab countries, Turkey and the Kurdistan region and lectured on creativity and translation. And he has participated in translation workshops at the translation conferences in 2013 and 2014.

Jan Dost is represented by Saliha Haddad.

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