JO SEYSENER is an award-winning Australian kidlit and speculative fiction author for both children and adults. Her picture books have been published by Library for All – an Australian non-profit promoting literacy in worldwide communities – and her stories have been translated into two languages. 

Her children’s Christmas story, The ODC Elf was published by Share Your Story in 2018. Jo’s speculative fiction stories for adults border on dark humour and have been published in various anthologies including What If and Area 51 through Black Hare Press, The best of Iron Faerie Publishing byIron Faerie Publishing, Dragon Soul Press and Perfectly Poisoned Press. Her debut novella, Veritas’ Ark was published in late 2019 by Little Quail Press. Jo also edited Sideshow Alley, an anthology of drabbles for her local writers’ group in 2019. 

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