Born on September 07, 1986, Nyuyse Damien Senyuy, with stage name Wuyka is a passionate Cameroonian musician from Wah’rin, a tiny village in Nso under the Jakiri subdivision. He is always open and looking for new challenges. His work has showcased an
untamed musical talent ranging from guitarist, singer, drummer, and covering traditional, Afro-jazz, reggae to Afro-fusion, pop and Afro-beats.

Coming from a region that has witnessed crisis for the past four years, his music contains messages that challenge ideas about war and stir up conversation. His new single “Karrè” is a story that encourages love, peace, unity, and consciousness. Inspired
by Njang, Makossa, and contemporary music, his music fuses his cultural heritage with diverse African cultures and the worlds’ culture at large.

Wuyka is currently recording an EP with his producer, Mageek Fingers titled “The Journey” inspired by his life story of which he intends to share with you in the months ahead.

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