Odega Shawa is the founder of Kalakuta Books and the editor of AFIRE (African Indie Writers Review), a peer share and grow online literary platform, with the vision to help new and emerging writers from Africa empower themselves by sharing their voice, as Christopher Okigbo phrased it, “without name and audience”. Odega is also the chief information officer for Alert for Change, a social justice and fair-trade initiative, as well as the content researcher and developer for Linda Ikeji TV.

He is the author of several non-fiction books, The Biafra Manifesto, touching on the political insurgency in Eastern Nigeria and which has been featured and reviewed in e-journals in Europe, The Gospel According to Niger Delta Militants, Pastors that Won’t Make Heaven, and others, as well as his fiction, Flowers in the Dream of a Mad Man. His latest novel, Hello, Vagina, is a work of art critically exploring the epidemic of rape in a society that thinks less of sexual assault than it should. He has also written screen plays and has a poetry collection.

Odega Shawa co-edited a poetry anthology: 84 Delicious Bottles of Red Wine, a special edition publication in honour of Africa’s first Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Wole Soyinka, and the anthology was personally endorsed by the Nobel laureate.

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