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Jocelyn Fryer is a rather eclectic creature. She has a BA (Hons) and an MA in English Literature (NMU). Jocelyn Fryer’s dissertation, Altering Urbanscapes: South African Writers Re-imagining Johannesburg, and published work in English in Africa seek to reframe discussions around more inclusive and welcoming urbanscapes, in the imaginary of African literatures, architectures and city-planning, within the context of a still relatively new democracy in South Africa. In her more personal life, since her diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2012, from an online column on the subject, to her own blog (, Jocelyn has dedicated herself to writing openly on living with the condition, trying to distil the human experience from an oftentimes alienating discourse and fighting the stigmatisation of mental health issues. A self-confessed foodie and former feature writer for Food and Home Magazine, Jocelyn is the author of a collection of essays, Grana, centred on the culinary world, as the binding glue for family, friends and fond memories. A bibliophile through and through, while whittling away at her first novel, Jocelyn is also a consulting editor in both an academic and prose capacity.


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