Junior Literary Agent (Algeria)
E-mail: saliha@worldartsagency.co.za

Saliha Haddad is an Algerian part-time teacher of English at the university Amar Telidji of Laghouat. She graduated in the field of Anglophone Literature and Civilization in 2015. She is a literary interviewer for the online magazine Africa in Dialogue. Haddad has also written on cultural subjects for the Algerian online platform Dzair World and for the magazine Ineffable Art and Culture. Her debut creative nonfiction piece was published in the African magazine Agbowo. Haddad is the Fiction Co-editor of the South African based literary journal, Hotazel Review (hotazelreviewlit.org).



Twitter: @sallyhad3

What I am looking for is literary fiction and creative non-fiction. I look for diverse and under-represented voices, whether debut or established. Writers who are original and experimental in their storytelling and writers who are able to create new debates and discussions around important issues.
I am particularly interested in historical fiction, psychological thrillers, social commentary and political criticism fiction, as well as coming–of–age fiction, especially by African writers. Of course, I would love to read fiction that blends some of these preferences together.
I am also looking for creative non-fiction that allows readers to look into a subject with fresh eyes and new perceptions. I’m looking especially for personal essay collections and literary journalistic writing.
Some of the recent reads I’ve loved are: The Deep Blue Between by Ayesha Harruna Attah; Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson; and Lightseekers by Femi Kayode.

Saliha Haddad Represents:
Abdelatif Ould Abdallah (shortlisted for the 2021 International Prize for Arabic Fiction) and Jan Dost (literary awards include: Award for Best Short Novel in Kurdish in Syria; the Award for Poetry in Kurdish, in Germany; and the Hussein Arif Novel Award, Kurdistan).

Haddad is currently closed to submissions

In order to be considered for representation with Saliha Haddad, to top publishers, authors need to query in English, with the following, to her email address:
1. A Query Letter (including a Short Bio of the author, at end).
2. 500 word Synopsis of the manuscript.
3. First 3 Pages of the manuscript (please do not send more than 3 pages with the initial query).
We may, thereafter, request a partial (first 3 chapters) from the author.
Please allow time for us to consider your query, at least 2 weeks, before your follow up (we receive an inordinate amount of queries each month).
Where we will endeavor to respond with our decision, we will not provide any feedback, and our response comes by way of a form letter.


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