Junior Literary Agent
E-mail: shaun@worldartsagency.co.za
Brief info

Shaun Pieter Clamp is a writer and postgraduate student at Rhodes University, holding a BA in Philosophy and Law.

Shaun Pieter Clamp was the Co-Editor of Aerial 2018, an annual ISEA writing class anthology. In 2019, he was the Co-Editor of Abantu: Our Zine, an art and literary zine published through Instagram (@abantu.our.zine). His writing has been published in New Contrast: South African Literary Journal, Aerial 2018 and Coming Home: Poems of the Grahamstown Diaspora. Clamp is Poetry Co-Editor of the South African based literary journal, Hotazel Review (hotazelreviewlit.org)


In order to be considered for representation with Shaun Pieter Clamp, to top publishers, authors need to query with the following, to his email address:
1. A Query Letter (including a Short Bio of the author, at end).
2. 500 word Synopsis of the manuscript.
3. First 3 Pages of the manuscript (please do not send more than 3 pages with the initial query).
We may, thereafter, request a partial (first 3 chapters) from the author.
Please allow time for us to consider your query, at least 2 weeks, before your follow up (we receive an inordinate amount of queries each month).
Where we will endeavor to respond with our decision, we will not provide any feedback, and our response comes by way of a form letter.

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