TK-SWAG Torkuma Davies is a talented independent Nigerian Artiste. He possesses the knack for blending his sound with musical elements from around the world, which has created his signature ‘*genre-bending* ’ sound.  
His music swirls around Dancehall, AfroBeat and RnB, which has made him delightfully unpredictable. 
He is also a skilled and sought-after songwriter and has written for numerous local and foreign Artistes.
He started his music as a hobby in 2009 and recorded his first ever single “Tears” in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria that same year. He has enjoyed a steady climb with consistent evolution, having started out as a Rapper to becoming a singer. TK-SWAG knows no bounds when it comes to music, which made him the first winner of the then Dbanj’s CREAM platform in 2016. Performing at the One Music One Sound in Dubai was TK-SWAG’s debut in front of an international audience. His performance was nothing shy of electric.
With the release of his single ‘Fairly Used Boyfriend’ in 2019 he toured 5 cities in the United Kingdom that winter, building up to his album release titled ‘Crème de la Crème’ on the 1st of August 2020.
” I’m an Ordinary man but my first name is Extra” goes his quote. He likes to constantly evolve and so does his music.
He articulates his dream thus: “I wanna make music that will inspire the future”
FAVORITE MUSICIAN : Aubrey Drake Graham 

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