Umar Abubakar Sidi is the author of the poetry chapbook, The Poet of Sand (Saraba, 2004) and the poetry collection, The Poet of Dust (KonyaShamsRumi, 2019). Sidi’s work is majorly premised on the exploration of the body, soul and spirit from Sufi and Surrealist perspectives.
His work has appeared in Brittle Paper, Sentinel Nigeria, Saraba Magazine, Jalada, Transition Magazine and elsewhere. In March 2021, he was chosen to perform alongside Wole Soyinka on World Poetry Day.
In writing his debut novel, Sidi drew inspiration from ‘a congregation of literary immortals’ ranging from Italo Calvino, Orhan Pamuk, Jorge Luis Borges, to the ancient sages of Timbuktu.
Sidi is currently serving as a naval helicopter pilot and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Umar Abubakar Sidi is represented by Saliha Haddad (Algeria) –

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