Valentin Joseph is a French citizen with a multicultural background and has been an expatriate all of his life. Valentin’s journeys inspired him to create an extraordinary adventure novel that takes readers down paths that may, or may not be, of their own choosing. Having lived in France, Greece, Romania, and Spain, Valentin recently returned to France where he now concentrates on his photography and writing.

Valentin has always had a love of the Arts; plays various musical instruments, has recorded as well as performed during his Inojo rock years, and is a photographer, offering his services professionally to agencies.

Being an avid reader of mystery/thrillers, such as the works of Sharon Bolton, David Baldacci, Stuart Neville, John Boyne, Jeffrey Archer, but still enjoying George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Valentin had the inspirational idea of writing a novel that tarnishes the reader’s view of the world, by writing a fiction, based on historical facts.

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